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Laugh together, and create a memory worth saving

StoryCraft's original storylands, such as the Disaster Story

Original Storylands

Explore storylands filled with fun activities and imaginative stories.

Custom-created for StoryCraft, these storylands are the result of curating years of the best bedtime story activities with our kids. Mixed in are educational activities and games that provide enrichment and develop mastery in the basics of story form and storytelling.

A StoryCraft story showing a story starter and cue.

A unique story every time

Enough guidance to keep it simple, enough variety to make it fun

The stories you'll tell with StoryCraft will be your stories, but you'll have plenty of help making them imaginative, descriptive, and well-structured. And even when you retell a story, it'll be totally different the second time because the story engine inside serves up an unending variety of story starters, story twists and creative cues.

StoryCraft screen showing recordings of my stories

Record Your Story

Your kids will come up with hilarious ideas, don't lose them

When telling a story together, capture it so you can share with your friends now or listen to it years later. Listening to these recordings is also an invaluable way to improve your storytelling abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

StoryCraft is designed to work on iPhones and iPads with iOS 9+, and on Android devices 4.1+.

StoryCraft is FREE.

We built this app because we love stories, and we want to help other parents and kids enjoy them too.

No, your story recordings are only stored on your device. For privacy reasons (e.g. COPPA), we do not archive your stories online. However, this also means that if you lose your device, there is no way to get your stories back.

StoryCraft does provide a way for you to share and save your recorded stories elsewhere, though. Just tap the "Share..." button while listening to a story to see a list of available options (e.g. email, SMS, AirDrop, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.).

We are a small team with big hearts

...and just a hint of crazy.


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